Same-Day Dental Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns: the Differences Explained

Same-Day Dental Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns: the Differences Explained

Oct 01, 2020

Has your dentist recommended you need a dental crown on your tooth? If so, you are not alone and are joining 15 million Americans who have already received dental crowns on their teeth. You could be concerned about the dental crown procedure but be happy when informed, multiple options are now available for this procedure. If you lack knowledge about the advances made in dentistry for dental crowns, let us refresh your memory to give you some information on this procedure.

How Do You Choose between Traditional or Same Day Dental Crowns?

You can choose the restoration based on your convenience, preferences, comfort, quality, and budget. Same-day dental crowns in Hicksville, NY, are appealing if you want to have a quick and convenient option to have the restoration on your teeth.

Same-day dental crowns near you will pose some challenges with their limitations in material and durability. However, when you consider the intensive procedure of the traditional variety, you may think the alternative option is better suited for your needs.

Does the Treatment Process Differ?

You must schedule an appointment with your dentist irrespective of whether you are getting traditional or same-day dental crowns. If you plan a meeting with same-day dental crowns in 11801, the dentist takes a 3D image of your damaged tooth with an intraoral camera and computer-aided design. After the model of your teeth is created, the dentist uses a CEREC machine to fabricate the same day crown in the dental office. Your tooth is prepared for the restoration by the dentist, who then bonds the new same-day crown on your tooth. The entire process requires merely an hour.

If you choose traditional dental crowns, you must schedule two separate appointments with the dentist. The dentist takes x-rays of your teeth and performs any procedures necessary on the weakened tooth. Impressions of your tooth are taken for the dental laboratory to have your custom fit crown fabricated.

At the end of your first visit, the dentist installs a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the permanent restoration arrives from the dental laboratory in approximately two to three weeks.

During your second visit, the temporary crown is removed before the permanent restoration is cemented on your tooth.

Are the Differences in the Prices between the Two?

Same-day crowns near Broadway Mall are fabricated from ceramic, and the costs are similar to having them created from a dental laboratory if you choose the traditional variety. Traditional crowns made from porcelain or metal can be significantly expensive. Porcelain crowns cost between $ 800-$ 3000, and metal crowns are from $ 830-$ 2500.

Eventually, what you pay out of pocket is determined by the dentist’s fees and the insurance benefits you have. However, it would help if you understood that the same-day crown is cost-effective because one dental visit is cheaper than two.

What Are the benefits of same-day dental crowns?

Convenience is the most significant benefit of same-day dental crowns besides not needing a temporary crown. You complete the entire process in one visit to the dentist’s office because you don’t have to wait for the restoration to be returned by the dental laboratory.

Same-day crowns are also comfortable, especially if you are concerned about the pain associated with traditional dental crowns. You won’t require anesthesia multiple times with the same-day procedure. Furthermore, the dentist uses a digital scanner to keep you away from the uncomfortable traditional impressions when making models of your teeth for a customized crown.

Your teeth are in a better position to prevent future decay because you avoid temporary crowns that do not fit appropriately and allow bacteria to get into the tooth quickly.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Same-Day Crowns?

Ceramic is used to fabricate same-day crowns in the dental office, and the material is not as durable as porcelain or metal. Same-day crowns appear natural and fit well on the teeth, but you may have to spend more time with the dentist to get a custom shade that you find pleasing. However, the dentist at same-day crowns in Hicksville, NY, will help you choose appropriately by offering all help you need to finish the crowning process in a single day.

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