5 Reasons You Should Get Same-Day Dental Crowns

5 Reasons You Should Get Same-Day Dental Crowns

Sep 01, 2020

Dental crowns have stood the test of time, granting patients beautiful smiles. They have been used severally to repair damages and restore teeth. Many oral problems can be treated with dental crowns, ranging from broken teeth to decayed teeth. Besides, dental crowns prove useful for teeth restorations with dental bridges.

When it is your turn to have your tooth repaired with a crown, the anticipation of what will happen during your procedure can be unsettling. It is that much harder when you have a busy life that leaves you with little or no time to dedicate to dental treatments. Lucky for you, solutions like same-day dental crowns in Hicksville, NY are just fit for you. Read on to learn more about them, and why you should choose the crowns.

What are Same-Day Dental Crowns?

They are tooth-shaped oral appliances used to repair teeth, similar to traditional dental crowns. The difference with same-day dental crowns near Broadway Mall is that they do not follow the traditional process of receiving a dental crown. The traditional process can be termed as long, time-consuming, and less convenient for patients.

Same-day dental crowns near you bypass some of the steps in the traditional process of installing dental crowns, by relying on modern technology.

How Do Same-Day Dental Crowns Work?

While the structural differences and purpose of traditional crowns and same-day crowns may not differ much, they two are different. Same-day dental crowns are installed in one dental setting so that you would only require one dental appointment for your treatment. after your dentist has examined the problem with your teeth, he/she readies you for your treatment.

The initial step involves trimming your enamel. The goal here is to rid your tooth of the damaged part. It also creates room for the dental crown to be placed. Afterward, your dentist will use CAM/CAD to take digital images of your tooth. The digital images will be in 3D, which will allow the dentist to create a model of a dental crown that will be used on your mouth. The model will embody the shape of your tooth, ready to be installed. Once it is ready, the dentist will use special dental cement to bond the dental crown to your tooth.

Why Should You Consider Same-Day Dental Crowns?

  1. More accuracy and precision – modern technology has come to improve the practice of dentistry, and this is evident in procedures such as same-day dental crowns. The digital images taken provide accurate impressions of your teeth, ensure ng that the 3D models created are just the perfect fit for your teeth.
  2. Saving time – this is perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why people consider same-day dental crowns. Having that they are placed on your first dental visit, you do not have to deal with down-time. It works great for people who have busy schedules. Adding to that, the fact that modern technology is in use, the procedures are completed within a short period.
  3. No need for temporary dental crowns – with traditional dental crowns, after your tooth is trimmed to remove the damaged parts, you have to go home and wait for your crown o be created. During the waiting period, your dentist has you wearing a temporal dental crown to cover your tooth in the meantime. The temporal crown is usually uncomfortable to wear. With same-day dental crowns, however, you bypass this step because you will receive the dental crown on the same day.
  4. It is a quick fix for your oral problem – when you have a problematic tooth, the last thing you want is to know that you have to live with the problem for another extra day. With same-day dental crowns, you have a quick fix for your oral problem.
  5. It is a safe procedure – same-day dental crowns may be a quick fix, but they are safe. Dental experts have tried and proved them as same for your gums and teeth. the camera used to take the digital images is comfortable for you. Besides, the E4D system works fast, and in just a few seconds, your images are taken and ready for the next step. The process does not in any way endanger your oral health.

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