Teeth Whitening in Hicksville, NY

Teeth Whitening in Hicksville, NY

Cosmetic teeth whitening is one of the most rapidly growing industries around the globe, with over $3.2 billion dollars invested in new technology and methods of bleaching the smile. The popularity of white teeth is caused by a variety of factors, but many people associate a clean, white smile with overall health and attractiveness.

At Broadway Mall Dental Center, we understand how important a beautiful smile is to our patients. However, we want whitening to be achieved in a healthy manner in a comfortable environment. This is why we offer high-quality teeth whitening near you in Hicksville, NY that uses state-of-the-art equipment, scientifically tested solutions, and our own knowledgeable staff.

What Is It?

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a process where surface stains are lifted from the teeth and the dental enamel, the hard tissues which make up the exterior of the teeth, is bleached and lightened.

When done in our office, our dentist is able to complete treatment in less than an hour. We also offer take-home kits which complete whitening over several weeks, so you have more control over the final color.

Our Process

When you visit Broadway Mall Dental Center for teeth whitening, you receive top-notch care. Our staff first clean and inspect your teeth to remove plaque and food particles, which could affect the process. We also want to ensure your smile is healthy and that you don’t have underlying issues like decay.

Once your teeth are prepared, we place a rubber shield over your gums. This ensures our whitening solution does not touch the sensitive soft tissues and cause irritation. We then spread a peroxide solution over the surface of your teeth.

To commence whitening, we expose the peroxide solution to a special light, which breaks it down. The peroxide releases pure oxygen gas, which penetrates deep into the dental enamel and lifts away stains and discoloration.

In less than one hour, your smile can be eight shades lighter than before!

How to Receive Treatment

Our office in Hicksville, NY offers teeth whitening to teenaged and adult patients who have healthy teeth. The simplest way to receive treatment is to call and schedule an appointment at your convenience for a consultation so we can get you started on the path to a brighter, whiter smile.

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