Periodontal Treatment in Hicksville, NY

Periodontal Treatment in Hicksville, NY

Professional exams and cleanings at Broadway Mall Dental Center help us maintain good dental health and can save us from missing teeth.

You may consider seeking the services of a reputable dentist near you for more information on the prevention and treatment of gum disease (also called periodontitis).

Fast Facts about Periodontitis

Here’s a quick review of important facts regarding gum disease:

  • Periodontal disease is caused due to hardening of plaque and tartar below the gumline
  • Bacteria from plaque is the main cause for periodontal disease
  • While good oral hygiene plays an important role, you may need professional intervention
  • If ignored, gum disease can cause other health conditions such as stroke or heart attacks

The main aim of periodontal treatment is to clean out gum pockets and prevent further loss of bone or tissue.

Gum Disease Can Cause Loss of Teeth

Disease in the gums or surrounding bone tissues may impact teeth and cause them to fall out. Periodontal treatment in Hicksville, NY is aimed at healing gum and other tissues that support tooth structures. Periodontal disease begins in the gums but can spread to the bone if left untreated.

Periodontal Treatment Procedures at Broadway Mall Dental Center

Periodontal therapies may include surgical as well as non-surgical options. Regardless of the recommended solution, the objective is to restore health to soft tissues surrounding your teeth.

Periodontal therapy procedures include:

Scaling and Root Planning: The dentist will use a scaler or ultrasonic instruments to clean out tartar or calculus from below the gums.

Gum grafting: The dentist will transplant gum tissue from one part of the mouth to another to protect exposed teeth.

Periodontal Laser Treatment: The dentist will use laser therapy to remove diseased tissue. Laser gum treatments result in less discomfort and gum shrinkage compared to standard surgical techniques.

Dental plaque is the main cause of gum disease, so it’s important to brush and floss your teeth in the proper way. Contact Broadway Mall Dental Center in Hicksville, NY at the earliest for periodontal treatment near you.

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