Mouth Guards in Hicksville, NY

Mouth Guards in Hicksville, NY

It’s not necessary to be a professional athlete to get hit inadvertently by an errant elbow and suffer dental trauma. Professional as well as amateur athletes and recreational enthusiasts need to be on their guard against oral injuries.

Broadway Mall Dental Center in Hicksville, NY, advises patients to take adequate precautions against dental trauma by using mouth guards. A sporting accident can result in broken teeth, severe bleeding, and injuries to your lips, cheeks, and tongue.

Types of Mouth Guards

Our dentist in Hicksville, NY, believes that the best mouth guards are the custom-fitted ones that we fabricate for your requirements. Customized mouth guards tend to be a little more expensive compared to the readymade versions as they’re specially designed to fit your oral cavity.

If you don’t have time to visit the dentist, you can also choose from the following:

  • Standard Mouth Guards: These are readymade and just need to be worn directly in the mouth. However, they may not fit very well and may feel bulky and uncomfortable.
  • Boil and Bite Mouth Guards: As the name suggests, you need to first boil these mouth guards and then insert them in your mouth for proper fit. These are generally better than the standard store versions.

Our dental team will evaluate your cavity and take careful measurements before fabricating a mouth guard for you. Once they’re ready, our team will check it for comfort and fit and make adjustments if necessary. You can get high quality, affordable, and customized mouth guards at Broadway Mall Dental Center.

Benefits of Wearing Mouth Guards

Our dentist in Hicksville, NY, suggests that wearing a mouthguard offers many advantages.

  • They help cushion blows to the facial area and protect the teeth and gums from injury
  • Mouthguards also absorb shock to the jaw and reduce the risks of a mild concussion
  • They protect not only teeth but also the tongue, lips, and cheeks from trauma and injury
  • Mouthguards also help protect dental prosthetics like bridges and braces

Contact Broadway Mall Dental Center in Hicksville, NY, or explore our user-friendly website for more information on mouthguards near you.

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