Children’s Dentistry in Hicksville, NY

Children’s Dentistry in Hicksville, NY

Have you taken your infant for his or her first dental visit yet? Children’s dental care starts as early as infancy and plays a crucial role in oral and overall health.

Children’s dentistry sets the foundation for a lifetime of great teeth and excellent dental health. Broadway Mall Dental Center offers a warm, friendly environment for your child’s dental needs.

What Is Children’s Dentistry?

Children’s dentistry includes procedures and care options specifically designed for your child or teenager. Our dentist in Hicksville, NY can take care of all your child’s dental care needs from infancy right until teenage.

Our early care advice and recommendations can prevent decay and infection from setting in. We are always happy to display proper brushing and flossing methods to our young patients.

Our team will also work with you to create a convenient treatment plan in case your child requires special dental intervention.

Why Children Get Cavities

Given the rise in consumption of sugary and starchy foods, every child is at risk for cavities. Also, children are sometimes unable to brush their teeth as well as adults, and this exposes their teeth to bacterial attack.

When you contact a reputable dentist near you, he or she will evaluate your child for caries and suggest ways to treat or manage the cavity. Please keep in mind that untreated cavities (even though they may not be painful at the moment) often lead to pain and discomfort later on. They can also result in the onset of gum disease or serious infection in the tooth.

Bacteria feed on sugars in foods and produce acids that dissolve tooth enamel and eventually attack gum tissue. This is why it’s best to schedule your child’s first dental visit as early as possible to discuss good oral hygiene, healthy diet, and preventive steps.

For example, Broadway Mall Dental Center may recommend fluoride treatment or dental sealants to prevent caries from forming on your child’s teeth. We may also suggest children’s toothpaste or rinses for regular use.

Contact a dentist near you for children’s dentistry in Hicksville, NY and schedule a convenient appointment today.

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