Want to Straighten Teeth without Braces: Invisalign Can Help You Achieve Your Goal

Want to Straighten Teeth without Braces: Invisalign Can Help You Achieve Your Goal

Dec 01, 2020

Do you like many people who suffer from the problem of malocclusion or a bad bite? You may have extra or missing teeth, misaligned jaws, wrongly positioned teeth, or overcrowding. You may want to correct all the issues affecting you but could be holding yourself back because you don’t want metal brackets and wires in your mouth for an extended period.

It would help if you genuinely reconsidered your decision to refrain from researching other options like Invisalign near me that provide a braces-free orthodontic solution to straighten your teeth. Unlike conventional orthodontic treatments, Invisalign delivers a series of custom-designed transparent aligners. The treatment is available to you regardless of age and is a discreet option for correcting the dental imperfections affecting you.

How does Will Your Research help?

Your research helps by revealing information about Invisalign in Hicksville, NY, providing you a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment for straightening your teeth without braces but with clear plastic aligners. The transparent aligners offered by the Hicksville Invisalign facility allows you to remove the aligners when eating the foods you love. You can also continue maintaining your oral hygiene as you usually do. As no brackets or wires are visible in your mouth, you or anyone else won’t be able to see any metal in your mouth when undergoing the treatment.

Do You Qualify for Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign near Broadway Mall dental Center confirms the treatment is suitable for most adults and teenagers, but some may not be fortunate enough to be considered appropriate. Some reasons exist that may prevent you from qualifying for Invisalign treatment. The causes for your crooked teeth or your oral health condition could be factors that disqualify you. However, if you visit Invisalign in 11801, the dentist will assess Invisalign’s suitability during your first appointment to determine whether the treatment is right for you.

Many orthodontic issues are treated with Invisalign, which has become an alternative for traditional braces. Problems like overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites, crooked teeth, crowding, and gaps between your teeth can be corrected with Invisalign treatment. However, if you are affected by complicated cases of the situations described, you will need traditional metal and wire brackets.

How Do You Proceed with Invisalign Treatment?

First of all, you schedule an appointment with the Hicksville dentist to discuss your case and assess whether you are suitable for the treatment. The dentist evaluates your mouth to determine your candidacy and, if found appropriate, proceeds to take digital impressions of your mouth and teeth using advanced technology. The technology allows you to view how your smile looks like after the treatment.

You collect your first set of custom made aligners a few weeks after the assessment. You must wear every aligner on your teeth for a period of two to three weeks. At the end of the period, you receive replacements to continue the treatment.

Invisalign moves your teeth incrementally. As you progress through the treatment, every fresh set of aligners will take you closer to your smile goal.

You must visit the Invisalign dentist every six to eight weeks for an assessment of your progress. During these appointments, you can pick up the replacements for your aligners. It is incredibly essential for you to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day if you intend to achieve the results. The aligners must be removed when eating, drinking anything but water, brushing, and flossing your teeth.

How Do You Benefit from the Treatment with Invisalign?

If you follow the Hicksville dentist’s instructions and retain the aligners on your teeth for the stipulated hours, you benefit in many ways.

  • You have straighter teeth faster in approximately 12 to 24 months instead of waiting for three years or more with traditional braces.
  • The treatment with Invisalign is virtually invisible, meaning no one will notice it even when close to you.
  • The removable aligners ensure you don’t confront any dental issues at the end of the treatment because you could not maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Invisalign treatment results in savings because you don’t have to visit an orthodontist every month to tighten and adjust the braces.
  • You are not saddled with restrictions in your diet as you are allowed to eat everything you love by removing the aligners and replacing them immediately after.

Invisalign treatment allows you to straighten your teeth without braces to let you have a beautiful smile. If you fear orthodontic visits or metal and wire braces, Invisalign is the treatment you should prefer after discussing it with the dentist referred to in this article.

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