We welcome you to our Bethpage dental practice. Whether you’re looking to straighten your child’s teeth, get root canal therapy or dental implants, please book an appointment with our reliable dentist near you.

It’s best to seek timely dental intervention to solve problems before they transform into emergencies. Our family-based dental care practice offers the following comprehensive list of dental treatments:

Children’s Dental Care

Children tend to be more prone to cavity formation and decay, even if they happen to be diligent little brushers. Toothbrush bristles do not always reach hard-to-reach corners of the oral cavity. Our experienced dentist in 11801 treats tooth decay, cavities, and crooked teeth with a range of effective treatments.

Untreated baby teeth can interfere with the development of permanent teeth. Our dental practice in Bethpage, NY, provides Invisalign® and standard braces, pulpotomy, gum disease treatment, and patient education for our young patients. Our diagnostic low-radiation x-rays are safe for children.

Preventive Dentistry Can Stop Tooth Loss

The most reliable way to reduce the risks of dental infection and potential tooth loss is to visit our dentist at Broadway Mall Dental. Dr. Igor Levin DDS provides dental exams, teeth cleanings, periodontal disease, oral cancer screening, sealant, and fluoride treatments as part of our preventive dentistry options.

Patients should book an appointment with our dentist in Bethpage every six months for maximum benefits.

Restorative Dentistry Options

You may be able to continue chewing or speaking even with a missing tooth, but it will cause problems sooner or later. If you lose a tooth, it’s a good idea to get it replaced with a bridge, crown, inlay, onlay, filling, partial, or implant. If you’ve lost several teeth, you can consider getting All-On-Four® or All-On-Six® implants from Dr. Igor Levin, DDS.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Our qualified dentist in 11801 uses advanced cosmetic dental technology to whiten and improve the appearance of your smile. If there’s something you don’t like about your smile, please contact Broadway Mall Dental for veneers, dental bonding, teeth whitening, and gum re-contouring treatments.

Our family-based dentist in Bethpage, NY, provides an extensive range of dental solutions for children and adults.

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